Stocks & Weather
version 1.1.9

Stocks and Weather Ticker is a small application that can deliver you with up to date information about your stocks and your local weather right onto your desktop. It includes many features such as:

  • Retrieve multiple stock information
  • Stock summary page to show all your quotes
  • Many display customizations to show retrieved information
  • Weather information retrieved through xml
  • Weather information lookup through xml/city name database
  • Seperate threads for loading weather or stocks using individual time refresh lookups
  • Always on top feature
  • Transparency (windows 2k, xp, 2k3 only)
  • Small sized program
  • All threads set to lowest priority
  • and best of all it's FREE and it's open source

For your convenience here is a screenshot of the program in action:

Download Stocks & Weather

News and Updates

  • 10/8/2003
    • Website had a minor face lift to provide a more friendly interface
    • Planning for the next stage of Stocks & Weather have begun. Several programmers have been gathered to port this C# version of the program into a non .NET required C++ version - date on release is undetermined. We collectively are not sure how much change (we fear drastic) are needed and how much time it will take - but it'll be a learning process.
  • 10/7/2003
    • Thanks to the folks at LockerGnome for reviewing and trying out this program.
  • 8/21/2003
    • Version 1.1.9 released!

Developer information:

  • Developers:
    • Manager/Develper: Hua
    • Developers: Hockman, Eruhmee, Tweos
  • Planned Changed
    • Port into C++ version
    • Possible OpenGL/DirectDraw scroll
    • Multiple weather zones
    • Ability to choose to use only stock, weather, or both
    • Better system tray support
    • Better xml handeling if possible
    • Better performance if possible

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